What to expect from my Pick•Nic basket

Whilst eating out at your favourite restaurant is always (hopefully) enjoyable, there’s a certain etiquette you have to comply with: you sit up straight in a chair, you order, your meal arrives, you eat, you pay, you leave.

With picnics comes freedom with food. Pick your food, pick at your food, pick your people, pick your place (which could be on a hill, in a derelict house, on the beach, just about anywhere you want it to be, not at that last available table squashed in the corner). Speak as loud as you want, play a game, sing a song. Ok, maybe you do just want to sit and eat your picnic in peace and quiet, but you can’t deny that picnics = liberty. Be free, have a picnic.

Inevitably, not every picnic is picnic perfect. Maybe you pick a place that you subsequently find to be home to a bustling family of ants. Or perhaps the limit as to the amount of noise you can make in a restaurant is preferable for a family always on the edge of feuds. And of course, you can’t pick your weather. But the fact is, all these moments serve to create memories, and all of these memories started with your picnic basket.

So that’s how I think of Pick•Nic blog: as a really big – think Mary Poppins bag – picnic basket. Right now, it’s waiting to be filled with lots of picnic goodies. Into this basket I will be packing gorgeous picnic recipes, both my own and recipes I’ve found online – from picnic pies and lunchbox salads to the classic soup and sandwich picnic combo.

I want to make this hamper open to everyone, so that means there’ll be something in my picnic basket for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs and meat-eaters alike – so keep your eyes peeled!

Pick•Nic will also feature posts about my own picnic escapades. From picking people and picking picnic locations to, of course, picking food, my blog aims to cover the entire story from the picking to the picnic.

Delve into my Pick•Nic basket and pick what you like, leave what you don’t, and create your own hamper full of the perfect picnicking moments.



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