How to have the ideal afternoon tea picnic

When coupled with an afternoon tea, a picnic reaches new heights on the scale of memorable outdoor dining experiences. There’s something joyful in the juxtaposition between crude nature and polished cultural pursuits.

Using rough splintered logs as tables for porcelain teacups, silver teapots, and china cake-stands, we created a spectacle worth the celebration: my sister in law’s 40th, and my niece’s 10th, birthdays.


There’s no shortcuts with an afternoon tea picnic. Real china cups and saucers, proper tea pots (flasks won’t do here), sparkling silver cutlery, and cake stands are what set this apart from your foil-wrapped packed lunch. That means that you’ll need to locate your picnic within minimum walking distance from your car or house. Using quirky, pretty vintage tins makes not only for a quaint flourish to your picnic, but they’re also pretty nifty for transporting what was in this case snicker bar cookies and semolina shortbread.


Pimms, leaf tea and orange squash stood on the drinks log, whilst the balsamic fruit pavlova and the scones, cream and jam stood on another. Crowned by the central piece, a multi-tiered cake stand overflowing with carrot cake cupcakes, and soothed by breezy tablecloths, this afternoon tea picnic was a picture of culinary and cultural decadence.


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