Picnic Club: Wednesday 20th December, Ramsholt.

Heads up, nature-loving, foodie-fanatic, tummy-rumbling ramblers of Suffolk! Pick•Nic’s first Picnic Club and winter walk will take place on Wednesday the 20th December at Ramsholt. 

Likely some of you will be asking the question: “A picnic in winter?! Are you mad?”. Perhaps I am. And hopefully some of you reading this are, too, because there’s nothing better than a group of mad picnickers gallavanting around the British countryside!  And to the winter picnic-cynics out there, maybe you just need a little convincing, in which case check out  this post – there really is nothing better than working up an appetite with a brisk winter walk and tucking into a hearty picnic to warm your cockles!


The bridleway opens up onto the old-fashioned scene of cottages nestled in amongst the trees.

The Picnic

The picnic will begin setting off for a gentle 50-minute walk through the staggering Suffolk countryside of Ramsholt – photos and map below. Everyone will need to bring a regular backpack in which to share the bits and bobs that will comprise the feast. During this walk we will stop off for the main event – the delicious, warming winter picnic, where we can chat, munch, warm up and chill out. The walk loops back to the starting point, where you can either head off home, continue exploring the surroundings, or go for a bit of festive tipple at the delightful Ramsholt Arms.


Gaps between the woods reveal the beautiful Deben estuary.

The Menu

Hummus served with a selection of chopped veg and pitta bread (Gluten Free/Dairy Free)


Warm butternut squash, goats cheese and red onion tart.

Cabbage, carrot and kohlrabi slaw. (Gluten Free)


Hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, brownie crumbs, and homemade salted caramel sauce. (Gluten Free without brownie crumbs)

Tea and coffee.

The Walk


Ramsholt church overlooking the River Deben.

The walk is a relatively flat, 2.5 mile walk. It passes through some beautiful country with lovely views of the River Deben. The footpath also goes past a pretty church overlooking the verdant countryside leading toward the river.


The red circle below shows the meeting place for the walk. On your way to the Ramsholt Arms and just before the road curves, this over spill car park on the left is where we will be meeting – not the car park further down that is directly opposite the pub.


Key Information


£15 pp. A deposit of £5 will need to be made via bank transfer or in person nearer the time (within five days of the event).


Meet in meeting place (overspill carpark just before the Ramsholt Arms) at midday on the 20th December. We will then set off for the walk at around 12.20pm.


The picnic should be relatively sheltered. However, if the weather is set to be truly horrendous, the picnic will be called off. This is why I ask for the deposit within 5 days of the event, as by then it will be fairly clear as to what the weather forecast will be looking like.


Most importantly bring a backpack in which to store the picnicking food, your own water, and wellies or good walking boots are advisable as there are some muddy areas.


Of course children are welcome, and children under the age 8 can come for half price, and babies are free. I hope to do a specifically children-oriented picnic with child-friendly food at a later date.

Dietary requirements

Every picnic is a set picnic, and as such I am not accommodating for individual’s dietary requirements. However, future picnics will accommodate for different dietary needs, for instance the idea is to do a gluten free picnic, a dairy free picnic, a vegan picnic, etc.  If you like the look of these picnics but the menu doesn’t fit in with you food allergies, don’t hesitate to get in touch – whichever is the most common allergy/intolerance I will make sure to cater for in the next picnic.


Unfortunately, due to previous picnicking experience with dogs, I have decided against dogs being allowed to picnics. As the food is close to ground level, even the most well-behaved of doggies have a hard time restraining themselves!

Don’t drive?

I have posted an Event on Facebook. I hope that this will be a good place for picnickers to ask for/offer lifts. I, for one, may have a space in my car and can pick people up from Woodbridge.

Environmental awareness

A large part of my love of picnics, is my love of the countryside. If you’re all coming on a walk and a picnic in mid-winter, I’m pretty sure you must be lovers of the countryside, too. In which case you’ll all be wised up about the importance of pocketing your own rubbish until you find a bin. I will also be bringing a fair few plastic bags into which we can put our rubbish or leftover food, so there’s no need for us to be leaving a Hansel and Gretel-style trail of picnic crumbs and food wrappings.

To book please go to the Events Page and select “going” or “interested”.

Important: permission for the picnic to be based just off the footpath has been kindly granted to us by the landowner. 



  1. allyfg21 · January 25, 2018

    If I lived in the UK I would be the first to sign up!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marguerite · January 25, 2018

      Thanks! Maybe if you come here one day we should go on a picnic!


      • allyfg21 · January 29, 2018

        I would love that! I visited there when I was 15 and absolutely adored it!

        Liked by 1 person

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