My five-day lunchbox saga

Whilst picnics are clearly the creme-de-la-creme of outdoor meals, packed lunches still have a je ne sais quoi – if you do them right. Say goodbye to plastic-packaged meal deals and on-the-go sandwiches. It’s time to make your packed lunch something you look forward to. Every week day this week, I will be showing you what I’ve packed for my work lunch together with a recipe.

If you’re a city-worker and the weather’s nice, I go to my nearest park (and in London green spaces abound), find a sunny spot, and tune in to all the wonderful tastes emanating from a simple tupperware.


Packed lunches don’t have to be so much extra hassle. I usually make sure the food I cook for myself in the evenings has packed lunch potential. I.e. it will taste nice cold or I can turn it into the perfect packable lunch. For example, not to give away episode 1 in my five day packed lunch saga, but quiche tastes delicious both warm and cold, and pesto pasta is also great as a steaming hot dish or a salad tossed with some tomatoes and rocket leaves.

Equally, there is such a thing as a hot packed lunch, too. Perhaps your workplace has a microwave, but if you can’t be bothered to stand in the queue whilst the microwave drones on and everyone stands awkwardly waiting for that “bing”, then there is a wonderful invention called a food thermos. Head to this post for two scrumptious risotto recipes I frequently fill my food thermos with, which remain piping hot from 7am when I pack it, to 1pm when I devour it.

But packed lunches also have the added benefit of making it easier to eat healthily. When the clock strikes one and you’re hungry or in a hurry, we rush to the nearest cafe or supermarket and opt for something comforting – and that is not always the healthy option. Whereas when you pack a picnic for yourself in the morning, I often find myself creating healthy dishes in suitable portion sizes.


Packed lunches are a time to treat yourself. And sometimes, when the day isn’t going your way, there’s nothing more comforting than just finding that perfect spot and indulging in something you’ve been looking forward to all morning.

So make sure to tune in this week, as everyday a new, nutritious recipe for your tupperware will appear on my blog and in my instagram. Happy packed lunches folks, and let me know if you’ve decided to try any of them out for size!


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