If there’s one thing you do this summer…

Exotic holidays to faraway lands, luxury hotels or Air BnB breaks, weekend trips to the Lakes. These are the kinds of pleasure that characterise our summer plans, but there are pleasures that can be enjoyed a little closer to home, are just as novel, and a lot less pricey. 

I spent the last May bank holiday at home, and it was pure heaven. Meals out with my Mum, picnics with my friends, coffee with my Dad, and plenty of delicious, home-cooked food. It simply couldn’t have been improved upon. One of the highlights, however, was an off the cuff evening romantic picnic thirdwheeling my parents.



We had a bottle of prosecco in the fridge. Some quails eggs were hiding in there too (don’t ask – quails eggs and prosecco seem to be staple fridge items at my parent’s house since all the chicks left the nest). I boiled the eggs up, brought a little bowl of celery salt, wrapped the prosecco in a cloth, gathered up deck chairs and a table and all the other, easy-to-bring picnic paraphanalia, and off we trundled into the setting sun.


For the little flourishes, I just brought some flowers, silver bowls, a tablecloth and a candle. And we just sat there, watching the sun go down, the ducks float past, and the tide gradually go out. It was one of those moments that sticks in the memory for being pure perfection – perhaps even more so because it was so spontaneous.


So whether you’re thirdwheeling, one of the two wheels, or with friends, make sure to take advantage of those golden rays when they’re there, pick up a bottle of prosecco, and make an occasion of being with loved ones on a glorious evening. They really are moments to treasure.



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