Picnic recipes, tips and inspiration to launch National Picnic Week

Hello to all you picnic-packing folks. This is the week that I have been building up for. Make no mistake, I hibernate for the other 51 weeks of the year – but National Picnic Week (15th – 24th June) is my time to shine (even if the sun doesn’t). 

Everyday this week I will be posting an array of picnic-related posts. So keep an eye out for top spots to picnic in London, cookie recipes, quiche recipes, how to make your picnic picture perfect, and some delicious picnic salads.

If you can’t wait, then I hope this post will give you some inspiration to get you started on your journey to picnic heaven.


Here is a compilation of some of my favourite picnic recipes.

This Mushroom and Thyme Quiche is so simple, and so delicious. It’s perfect warm or cold, and goes beautifully with a fresh, leafy salad.

Here’s a selection of five sausage roll recipes, including one vegan and one vegetarian version. My personal favourite is this Chorizo and Black Pudding Sausage Roll, which goes well with a potato salad.


Don’t let the French hog the Celeriac Remoulade – it’s the perfect salad for a simple ham and cheese picnic (my favourite kind of picnic).

This Zesty Coleslaw always goes down well, and it’s a salad that sits well.

If you have this Courgette, Pancetta and Feta Salad, you almost don’t need anything to go with it, except perhaps a crusty loaf with some butter, or some hummus and pitta bread for dips.

This Elderflower Recipe is stunning, and I have spotted a few elderflowers still out, so make sure to make some Elderflower Champagne. You also might like to add a drop of gin, too…



For a little added je ne sais quoi, here are a few of my favourite little flourishes to turn your picnic into a work of art.

Salad jars: I love putting individual portions of salad into little jars. It’s gives a personal touch.


Flowers: Yes, yes, you’re outdoors so why do you need flowers. But they really do juj up your picnic parade. Bring a little vase, pick a few flowers on your way to your chosen picnicking destination, and pop them in your vase.

Vintage cake tins: These really add to the look of your picnic and are great for storing your sandwiches, biscuits, or other treats.


Nice cutlery: Choose only your very best cutlery. If you have old silver knives and forks, or quaint colourful ones, then pack those into your picnic biscuit, and turn your outdoor lunch into an occasion.

Crockery: Whilst plastic plates are useful, enamel plates are just as handy. And if you’re really going all out, why not bring some gorgeous china cups and plates? Proper drinking glasses are also a must.

Cushions: Make your picnic that bit more comfortable.


Hot drinks: There’s something very soothing – even when the weather is hot – about bringing along a thermos of tea, hot chocolate, soup, or whatever takes your fancy.


Head to this post for the ten things everyone forgets to bring on their picnic. I’ve listed a few of them below for you, too.

Always bring a plastic bag for all your waste food, dirty plates and cutlery.

Napkins, napkins, napkins. Always remember napkins, otherwise your picnic is going to end up a sticky mess.

Apart from that, go plastic free this picnic – no more disposable plastic cutlery or cups, there really is not need.

Respect the environment. There’s nothing that upsets me more when choosing a nice spot to set up picnic, then seeing sandwich crusts, crisp packets, and dirty napkins strew about. It’s not just unsightly, it’s bad for the environment.


Hopefully all of this has equipped you with some yummy recipes and useful tips. Remember to keep your eye out for all sorts of picnic inspiration this week. Now all we have to hope for, is the sun. Happy picnicking everyone!



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