As a true philanthropist, it’s only natural that I should want to help you, my dear picnickers, to hold the best possible picnic. It’s not everyday that one goes for a picnic (unless you’re me), so it’s important to prevent any picnicking disasters from occurring (like forgetting the napkins. Pretty brutal – here’s a great post to help you avoid such unnecessary mishaps).

Pick•Nic blog is here to help steer your picnic away from pandemonium and into paradise. This virtual picnic basket is filled with recipes, tips and inspiration to help make your picnic a success and, with any luck, inspire those of you who originally had no interest in picnics to dig out your hampers and head outdoors.

But even if the sunlight burns your soul and the sight of wicker makes you tremble, perhaps Pick•Nic blog can entertain you in other ways. For example, who would have thought how hard it is to be a pumpkin, or, for that matter, a jar of chutney?

Why do I love picnics so much?

Put simply, if you live for the outdoors and love good food, you’re probably going to go crazy for a good picnic. If you’re like me, come wind, rain or shine, nothing can put a stop to your picnic plans.

12631544_10153912220624510_8104565595660418505_nOn the right is a photo of me (bawling) and my siblings (laughing) at one of the earliest picnics I can remember. I could say that this was the best picnic ever and it gave me all my picnicking inspiration, and that this was just a photo of me laughing in a really weird way.

But that would, of course, be disingenuous. It wasn’t the best picnic ever. I thought my siblings were trying to fatally hurt another of my siblings. It was only later I realised that they might have been joking around… I never was good at detecting sarcasm. But what I would say, however, is that picnics aren’t just about the food; picnics are memorable experiences.

Whether it’s the great outdoors you love, the surprise food items hiding in Tupperware and tinfoil, or the socially acceptable act of stripping off and sunbathing between soup and sandwich, picnics are a world unto their own.

So, pick your people, pick your place, pick your food, and Pick•Nic!


Forgot to bring my crystal ball.